Halloween Spooktacular 2 Movies

In an effort to track which scary movies we will be watching this October and Tiering on our ‘Halloween Spooktacular’ episode at the end of the month, (and to get Peacock off my back about never using the website), I’ve decided to make a list here. I’ll give the title, how we viewed it (Netflix, purchase, theater, etc.) and maybe a few words about the plot or something ridiculous in the movie. So check back often, and try to keep up so you can play along at the end!

  1. Gerald’s Game (Netflix) – Maybe one of the best adaptations of a Stephen King book I’ve ever seen. Did I turn away at the climax- you bet your ass I did.
  2. Don’t Kill It (Netflix) – Starts out with some great kills by a demon possessing people, but gets bad fast, around the time star Dolph Lundgren is introduced, circa minute 10….
  3. Children of the Corn [1984] (Netflix) – Sarah Connor & that guy from “Thirtysomething” against a killer cult of kiddie corn-eaters. Isaac freaks me the fuck out.
  4. Beyond the Gates [2016] (Netflix) – Two estranged brothers play evil Clue to try to save their father’s soul. Brief good gore doesn’t make up for bad acting in this overall borefest.
  5. We Are Still Here [2015] (Netflix) – Good scares and great makeup and effects highlight this unique haunted house movie about a grieving older couple who move into the wrong house (and town).
  6. Late Phases (Netflix) – Grumpy old man versus werewolves. Cool transformation, bad costumes.
  7. Honeymoon [2014] (Netflix) – Newlyweds spend their honeymoon at an isolated cabin in the woods. What could possibly go wrong? This movie, for one.
  8. The House October Built [2014] (Netflix) – A found footage film about documenting extreme “haunts” around the country that gets all too real for the filmmakers. Interesting concept but a lot of inane banter between the scares.
  9. Be Afraid (Netflix) – A doctor and his family move to a small town and are terrorized by bogeymen. Duller than it should have been.
  10. Backcountry (Netflix) – Two campers are threatened by a rude Irishman, Mother Nature, and a man-eating bear in this (loosely) based on true life story. Pretty gruesome as well as compelling.
  11. Cult of Chucky (Netflix) – Talking Tina knockoff Chucky comes back again (and again and again) to wreak mayhem. Fun sequel with plenty of regulars from the “Child’s Play” series.
  12. Demonic (Netflix) – Found footage, flashbacks, and jump scares- oh meh. Maria Bello is in it, in case you were wondering what she’s been up to.
  13. The Dead Room (Netflix) – A Kiwi haunted house story that relies on effects from 80 years ago through 90% of the film. The twist end can’t save it from the boredom of watching doors close and chandeliers shake for an hour.
  14. Housebound [2014] (Netflix) – Nice mix of comedy and horror in this tale of a New Zealand reprobate under house arrest in her mother’s haunted house. Really enjoyable.
  15. 13 Demons (Netflix) – 3 D&D nerds are in for the game of their lives- AND deaths! I’m available to write copy Hollywood. PS, it stinks.
  16. The Hallow (Netflix) – Creepy yarn about an Irish family tormented by creatures in the woods surrounding their home. Nice effects.
  17. Dark Signal (Netflix) – English ghost story where the specter communicates via a talk radio show. Takes awhile to get going but pretty good once it does.
  18. The Devil’s Candy (Netflix) – A metalhead painter moves into a new house with his family, hears a demonic voice, and paints weird shit. The previous nut-job that lived there hears the voice and kills kids. When the two cross paths, wackiness ensues.
  19. Uncaged [2016] (Netflix) – Zero likable characters highlight this shitty werewolf flick. Oh, and the wolf costume looks awful too.
  20. The Invitation [2015] (Netflix) – Yuppie hipsters gather in a house in the Hollywood hills. The hosts have more in mind than a simple dinner party.
  21. American Poltergeist [2015] (Netflix) – Film about students (and possibly a student film) moving into a haunted mansion. Probably the worst acting ensemble I’ve ever seen. Somehow the ghost of Lizzie Borden is involved.

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