“A Quiet Place” Drinks

Shot: Loud Noises, something you definitely want to avoid in the world of A Quiet Place. And the movie theater, especially during this movie. Look, honestly, everyone could really just take it down a notch in general, okay?

1/2oz bourbon, 1/2oz cola, dash Pop Rocks

Cocktail: Bloody Nail, a big, fat plot point just sticking up waiting for poor Emily Blunt to step on. Spoilers.

2oz scotch, 1/2oz Drambuie, 1/2oz blood orange juice, dash Peychaud’s bitters, maraschino cherry garnish


Moment of silence for Mikey, from the Life cereal commercials of our youth, who died tragically from ingesting Pop Rocks and Coke. But really didn’t. Anyways, if you want to hear our thoughts on the drinks, as always give a listen to our episode on A Quiet Place!

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