“Space Jam” Drinks

Shot: Rim Shot, named after the ‘ba-dum, tsssh’ sound a drummer makes after a bad joke. Or just whenever a basketball hits the rim of the hoop. Ba-dum, tsssh.

3/4oz rum, 1/4oz cantaloup juice. Garnish shot glass with cantaloup ball.

Cocktail: Space Jam, and I really can’t remember how we came up with this name. I’m sure it took awhile though.

Place a frozen orange juice ball (they sell molds, and I highly recommend purchasing) in a small rocks glass. Add a dash of orange bitters and fill with vodka.


So, after 20 movie submissions, several polls, and hundreds of votes, we ended up with “Space Jam” as our listeners’ choice to review for episode 100. Us being us, we wound up not reviewing it until episode 102 and came up with two drinks based on basketballs. Hear all about it on our Space Jam episode!

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