“Batman Begins” Drinks

Shot: Blue Flower, after the bloom Bruce must bring to the top of the mountain monastery to learn the League of Shadows’ secrets. #Alliteration.

3/4oz elderflower liqueur, dash blue curaçao (or enough to make it blue anyways)

Cocktail: Face Your Fear, named for the part of the movie where Bruce must inhale the fear-inducing smoke of the burning blue flower and overcome his dread.

In an Irish whiskey glass/mug combine 1/2oz creme de violette and a dash of absinthe. Fill with hot tea and a squeeze of a lemon wedge. Inhale the vapors and try to get over your unnatural fear of unicorns- they’re not even real dammit!


Two drinks based on basically the same thing, probably a first for The Besotted Geek. Check out our thoughts on them and the movie on our Batman Begins episode!

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