“Solo: A Star Wars Story” Drinks

We finally got around to seeing Solo, and actually kinda liked it. Will the drinks hold up to the movie? (That’s rhetorical- they hardly ever do.) Shot: Coaxium, named for the fuel source Han tries to bargain with, then steal, then steal again, etc. Kinda the MacGuffin of the movie. 3/4oz vodka, dash blue curaçao, rock candy chunk Cocktail: Crimson Dawn, the crime syndicate Han … Continue reading “Solo: A Star Wars Story” Drinks

“The Muppet Movie” Drinks

Let’s see if we can come up with drinks for eight Muppet movies…. Shot: El Sleazo Coffé, a take on the dive bar where Kermit and Fozzy meet. 3/4oz coffee liqueur; 2 dashes Aztec chocolate bitters Cocktail: Sparkling Muscatel, the very low quality wine Kermit and Piggy enjoy while on their dinner date. Straws, anyone? 1oz dry sherry; fill with sparkling wine. The cheaper the … Continue reading “The Muppet Movie” Drinks

“Luke Cage” Season 2 Drinks

And they said we couldn’t make up drinks for anything but movies. Ha! Shot: Flamin’ Jamaican, after the fiery end of one of Mariah Dillard’s (STOKES!) rivals. 3/4oz dark rum (preferably Jamaican), float 151 rum, ignite. Watch it burn without pity or remorse. And to get most of that 151 outta there. Cocktail: Hero For Hires, a little wordplay on Luke’s nickname and the main … Continue reading “Luke Cage” Season 2 Drinks

“The Dark Knight Rises” Drinks

Like most of our shows, the Batman franchise ended with a bit of a whimper with The Dark Knight Rises, but we’re still here with two top-notch thirst quenchers! Sorta. Shot: The Pit, named for the prison Bane supposedly escaped from as a child and where Bruce chills for a good five months while Gotham goes to hell. 3/4oz dark creme de cacao, float 1/4oz … Continue reading “The Dark Knight Rises” Drinks