“The Dark Knight Rises” Drinks

Like most of our shows, the Batman franchise ended with a bit of a whimper with The Dark Knight Rises, but we’re still here with two top-notch thirst quenchers! Sorta.

Shot: The Pit, named for the prison Bane supposedly escaped from as a child and where Bruce chills for a good five months while Gotham goes to hell.

3/4oz dark creme de cacao, float 1/4oz white creme de menthe. Represents the light at the top of the darkness, and hope over despair, and other artsy-fartsy shit.

Cocktail: Alfred, and it may seem like a cop out, but that’s only because it is.

1oz Fernet-Branca in a small, fancy, stemmed glass. Best drunk at an outdoor cafe while you stare at an attractive couple until one of them looks back and you have to look away awkwardly. Creep.


That wraps up our Batman franchise- head over to the Movie Franchise Lists section of this very website to see our faves from the films. And as always, check out The Dark Knight Rises episode of the podcast to hear what we thought of the concoctions above and much more!

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