“Luke Cage” Season 2 Drinks

And they said we couldn’t make up drinks for anything but movies. Ha!

Shot: Flamin’ Jamaican, after the fiery end of one of Mariah Dillard’s (STOKES!) rivals.

3/4oz dark rum (preferably Jamaican), float 151 rum, ignite. Watch it burn without pity or remorse. And to get most of that 151 outta there.

Cocktail: Hero For Hires, a little wordplay on Luke’s nickname and the main ingredient of the drink.

Fill a highball glass with ice. 1.5oz vodka, nearly fill with root beer, float 1/2oz ginger liqueur. Feel free to not use Hires brand root beer; we didn’t.


That does it for the latest Netflix Marvel show; give a listen to our Luke Cage Season 2 episode to hear our thoughts on it and the drinks!

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