“Solo: A Star Wars Story” Drinks

We finally got around to seeing Solo, and actually kinda liked it. Will the drinks hold up to the movie? (That’s rhetorical- they hardly ever do.)

Shot: Coaxium, named for the fuel source Han tries to bargain with, then steal, then steal again, etc. Kinda the MacGuffin of the movie.

3/4oz vodka, dash blue curaçao, rock candy chunk

Cocktail: Crimson Dawn, the crime syndicate Han and his crew must steal for to keep their lives. For the drink, think Tequila Sunrise rip-off.

Fill a large Collins glass with ice. 3oz tequila, 6oz pineapple juice. Stir. Pour 1oz pomegranate liqueur gently down the middle.


Probably two of the prettiest drinks we’ve made. Give a listen to our Solo: A Star Wars Story episode for our thoughts on the drinks, movie, and more!

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