The New Mutants #1


“Initiation!” by Chris Claremont & Bob McLeod

Synopsis: Basically an introduction to the team. Sam “Cannonball” Guthrie, Roberto “Sunspot” deCosta, Danielle “Psyche” Moonstar, Rahne “Wolfsbane” Sinclair, and Xi’an “Karma” Coy Manh.

Early on Dani pisses off Shan by manifesting her father’s death and other atrocities she faced in front of the whole team. Meanwhile in London Moira MacTaggert and Illyana Rasputin meet with a Ms. Haller who is having trouble with her autistic/mutant son, who -DAH-DAH-DAHHHHH- is ALSO Professor X’s son. (Fans of the tv show “Legion” know him as David Haller.)

Back at the X-Mansion the Prof and teacher Stevie Hunter are putting the kids through the works in the Danger Room, which no one passes. Dani runs away fearing it will trigger her power into showing her friends more horrible shit from their past. She later goes back and tries it alone, almost succeeding, only to falter at the last second. When she comes to, someone has turned off the safety controls and cranked the danger up to 11.

Pretty solid introductory issue. There’s also some shady government-types spying on the kids, so we’ll see what that’s all about coming up I’m sure.

Favorite panel: Seems like cheating, but I’ll just go with the first page- a nice introductory picture of the main players. I don’t get the whole hair-washing thing though.


Poor attempt at art: Wolfsbane. Couple of reasons. First, animals are easier to draw than people. Also, this was one of the only pictures not blocked by word balloons.IMG_0093.jpg

Alright, that’s it for the trial run of this New Mutants blog. Took a lot longer than I would have guessed, but was pretty fun. See you next time.


“The Muppets Take Manhattan” Drinks

Peacock is back and so are the Muppets- Broadway will never be the same.

Shot: Manhattan Melody, the name of Kermit’s sure-to-be hit Broadway musical. If he can just get someone to produce it…

2/3oz rye whiskey; 1/3oz sweet vermouth; dash cherry bitters. Yeah, it’s basically a Manhattan- you try inventing drinks 114 weeks without dipping into the classics!

Cocktail: Pete’s Diner, the inspiration for the hangout in “Seinfeld”. Or not.

In an Irish coffee glass: 1oz amaretto; 1oz Irish cream; fill with coffee. Why an Italian/Irish coffee drink? Why not?


Oh, and get used to seeing Miss Piggy in every shot of the Muppet drinks since she is sadly the only bit of Muppet memorabilia we currently own. Be sure to check out podcast 114 for thoughts on the drinks, movie, and much more, here:

“Dredd” Drinks

With Peacock on vacation, Stork decided on “Dredd” as a palate cleanser from Mamma Mia and Muppets, and invited friend of the show Otter on.

Shot: Slo-Mo, the drug in the movie that makes time slow down and everything look weird if you’re not watching in 3D.

3/4oz absinthe, splash sloe gin

Cocktail: Peach Trees, the building Dredd and Anderson get locked in and must fight their way out of.

Fill a highball glass with ice. 1.5oz gin, 3/4oz peach schnapps, fill orange juice


Was having so much fun forgot to snap a picture of the drinks at the time, so had to remake them, hence only one each in this photo. But rest assured Otter did have them both at recording. Listen to podcast 113 for our thoughts on the drinks, the movie, and a draft of favorite fictional weapons, here:

The New Mutants

Alright kids, trying something new. I’m going to attempt to read the first volume of The New Mutants before we get a live action depiction. I’ll be posting a brief synopsis of each issue, maybe a favorite bit of dialogue and/or panel. And I’m going to try to draw a character or scene or whatever from each book. Hopefully I’ll at least be halfway decent at drawing by the time I get through the 99-plus issues. Shooting for at least 2 posts a week. Stay tuned!


“The Great Muppet Caper” Drinks

Back to the Muppets, this time in jolly olde England! (Yes, the ‘e’ was intentional.)

Shot: Identical Twins– which one’s Kermit; which one’s Fozzie? The world may never know.

In first shot glass: 2/3 white creme de cacao, splash green creme de menthe

In second: 2/3 dark creme de cacao, splash white creme de menthe

Cocktail: Happiness Hotel, after the dump our trio of intrepid reporters must lodge in, due to it’s very forgiving price point (free).

In a champagne glass: 1oz gin, dash orange bitters (optional, aka I may have forgot to add them), fill champagne


Really proud of cohost Peacock, who came up with the shot idea on this one. Identical taste but totally different appearance. Check out our thoughts on the drinks, movie, and more on podcast 111:

“Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” Drinks

Nothing drives one to drink like having ABBA songs stuck in your head. Just kidding, we love ABBA!

Shot: The Sophie, named for Amanda Seyfried’s character, using ingredients with a Mediterranean feel.

2/3oz ouzo, dash Galliano

Drink: Villa Donna, the hotel in the movies, and the main setting for all the wacky shenanigans that ensue.

1.5oz limoncello, fill champagne


The fact that both drinks turned out blonde is purely coincidental. Give a listen to podcast 112 for our thoughts on the drinks, the movie, ABBA, and more here: