“The Great Muppet Caper” Drinks

Back to the Muppets, this time in jolly olde England! (Yes, the ‘e’ was intentional.)

Shot: Identical Twins– which one’s Kermit; which one’s Fozzie? The world may never know.

In first shot glass: 2/3 white creme de cacao, splash green creme de menthe

In second: 2/3 dark creme de cacao, splash white creme de menthe

Cocktail: Happiness Hotel, after the dump our trio of intrepid reporters must lodge in, due to it’s very forgiving price point (free).

In a champagne glass: 1oz gin, dash orange bitters (optional, aka I may have forgot to add them), fill champagne


Really proud of cohost Peacock, who came up with the shot idea on this one. Identical taste but totally different appearance. Check out our thoughts on the drinks, movie, and more on our Great Muppet Caper episode!

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