“Dredd” Drinks

With Peacock on vacation, Stork decided on “Dredd” as a palate cleanser from Mamma Mia and Muppets, and invited friend of the show Otter on.

Shot: Slo-Mo, the drug in the movie that makes time slow down and everything look weird if you’re not watching in 3D.

3/4oz absinthe, splash sloe gin

Cocktail: Peach Trees, the building Dredd and Anderson get locked in and must fight their way out of.

Fill a highball glass with ice. 1.5oz gin, 3/4oz peach schnapps, fill orange juice


Was having so much fun forgot to snap a picture of the drinks at the time, so had to remake them, hence only one each in this photo. But rest assured Otter did have them both at recording. Listen to our episode on Dredd for our thoughts on the drinks, the movie, and a draft of favorite fictional weapons!

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