“The Muppets Take Manhattan” Drinks

Peacock is back and so are the Muppets- Broadway will never be the same.

Shot: Manhattan Melody, the name of Kermit’s sure-to-be hit Broadway musical. If he can just get someone to produce it…

2/3oz rye whiskey; 1/3oz sweet vermouth; dash cherry bitters. Yeah, it’s basically a Manhattan- you try inventing drinks 114 weeks without dipping into the classics!

Cocktail: Pete’s Diner, the inspiration for the hangout in “Seinfeld”. Or not.

In an Irish coffee glass: 1oz amaretto; 1oz Irish cream; fill with coffee. Why an Italian/Irish coffee drink? Why not?


Oh, and get used to seeing Miss Piggy in every shot of the Muppet drinks since she is sadly the only bit of Muppet memorabilia we currently own. Be sure to check out our Muppets Take Manhattan episode for thoughts on the drinks, movie, and much more!

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