“Iron Fist” Season 2 Drinks

Possibly better than season two of Iron Fist… Shot: Davos, named after this season’s big bad. He’s got glowing red fists, so this was a no-brainer. 1/2oz each pomegranate liqueur and Campari. Cocktail: Triad, the catch-all term for Chinese gangs- in this case the “Hatchets” and “Golden Tigers”. In an Irish coffee glass: 3/4oz each elderflower and ginger liqueurs; fill with hot tea. We went … Continue reading “Iron Fist” Season 2 Drinks

“Muppet Treasure Island” Drinks

Yar, it be time to be impartin’ the recipes for the grog we swilled while reviewin’ Muppet Treasure Island, to be sure, arr! (Don’t worry, I hate me for that too.) Shot: Cannonball, because hey, pirates, am I right? 1/2oz each black sambucca and “coffee liqueur” – you know the one. #NoFreeRides Cocktail: Long John Silver, named after the lovable cook aboard the Hispañola… Fill … Continue reading “Muppet Treasure Island” Drinks

Halloween Spooktacular 3

Good evening, blah! Now that the obligatory Dracula impression is out of the way, let’s get to it. Here’s the list of 31 36 movies we’ll (hopefully) be seeing this October, in preparation for our 3rd Halloween Spooktacular! Watch along at home so you can play along at home when we tier all the movies… along at home. I’ll probably update this page with brief notes … Continue reading Halloween Spooktacular 3

“Justice League” Drinks

DC’s big team-up movie may have been a flop, but our tie-in beverages won’t disappoint! Probably. Shot: The Unity, named after the unification of “cubes” (aka Mother Boxes in non-Peacockese) the big baddie is seeking to bring about. 1/4oz each blue curaçao, Campari, limoncello. If you layer them it’ll look like this for a bit: Cocktail: Parademon Blood, after the bright green residue left over … Continue reading “Justice League” Drinks

“The Muppet Christmas Carol” Drinks

We continue our Muppet movie franchise breakdown with this wintry selection, just in time for early September! Shot: Tiny Tim’s Cup, based on a Pimm’s Cup, which 95% of the population has never heard of. 1/3oz Pimm’s, 2/3oz lemon-lime soda, juice of small lime wedge Cocktail: Cratchit’s Nuts, after the chestnuts Mrs. Cratchit is roasting and can’t help sampling. Get your mind out of the … Continue reading “The Muppet Christmas Carol” Drinks