“The Muppet Christmas Carol” Drinks

We continue our Muppet movie franchise breakdown with this wintry selection, just in time for early September!

Shot: Tiny Tim’s Cup, based on a Pimm’s Cup, which 95% of the population has never heard of.

1/3oz Pimm’s, 2/3oz lemon-lime soda, juice of small lime wedge

Cocktail: Cratchit’s Nuts, after the chestnuts Mrs. Cratchit is roasting and can’t help sampling. Get your mind out of the gutter.

1oz hazelnut liqueur, 1/2oz Irish cream, dash mint bitters in an Irish coffee glass. Fill with hot coffee.


It may not be close to Christmas yet, but this movie is so good it doesn’t matter. Listen to our Muppet Christmas Carol episode to see if the drinks matched the flick’s quality, plus much more!

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