“Muppets from Space” Drinks

We celebrate horror month by watching this alien invasion movie. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Shot: Door in a Jar, after one of Q, er, Bunson’s inventions that- you guessed it- creates a doorway upon emptying the contents of the jar.

2/3oz melon liqueur, 1/3oz limoncello

Cocktail: Gonzo, the main star of the flick. Weirdo-whatever extraordinaire.

In a blender combine 1.5oz light rum, 1/2oz each blue curaçao and cream of coconut, 3oz pineapple juice, and 1 cup of ice. Blend until smooth and serve in a glass with a bunch of weird stirs, umbrellas, plastic monkeys, etc.


Two more Muppet movies to go, and neither of us have seen them before! For our thoughts on THIS movie, the drinks, and much more, check out our Muppets from Space episode!

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