“RoboCop (1987)” Drinks

We kick off new franchise RoboCop by falling into bad habits, namely using ingredients that correspond to the letters of the names of the drinks. Shrug emoji.

Shot: ED-209, bad guy Dick Jones’ answer to crime and war. Basically a AT-ST without a driver. Also growls like a lion and cries like a baby for some reason.

1/2oz each elderflower liqueur and Drambuie. E, D- get it?

Cocktail: OCP, the evil corporation of the movie, whose initials stand for… you know what, never mind.

1oz each gin, orange curaçao, and Campari; dash of Peychaud’s bitters. Stir over ice.


Why the tin can? That represents RoboCop, or maybe ED-209, or maybe the never-ending battle between the ruling class and the underprivileged, or maybe we just didn’t have any RoboCop memorabilia. Anyways, check out our thoughts on the drinks, movie, and much more on podcast 127, here:


“The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” Drinks

You have to be adventurous to try the shot, but the cocktail isn’t too chilling! (Anybody else want to write these intros? I’m embarrassing myself here.)

Shot: Batty Bat, after the sleep demon in one of the, if not the, best episodes of the show.

1/2oz each bourbon and brandy. Almost knocked out Peacock.

Cocktail: Cemetery Mudslide, referring to a spell that went horribly wrong.

1oz each dark rum, coffee liqueur, and Irish cream; dash chocolate bitters. Shake over ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Any resemblance to the drink known as a Mudslide is purely intentional.


The shot could’ve been better, but hey, the show could’ve been better too. Check out our thoughts on both, plus a draft of favorite pop culture witches, on podcast 126, here:


“Muppets Most Wanted” Drinks

We send off the Muppets with a lackluster shot but a pretty decent spin on a classic cocktail.

Shot: Crown Jewels, what the bad guys are after in the movie.

1/2oz Canadian whiskey, 1/2oz creme de violette. Because Crown, and purple- get it? Never mind.

Cocktail: Constantine, what the bad guy’s named in the movie.

1oz each vodka, green creme de menthe, white creme de cacao, and cream. Shake over ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Carefully add a dash of chocolate bitters to the side, representing Constantine’s mole. And yes, it’s basically a Grasshopper with vodka.


That wraps up the Muppet franchise for us, and it’s been a fun one. Hear our thoughts on the drinks, movie, and much more on podcast 125, here:


“The Haunting of Hill House” Drinks

We were blown away by the overall quality of The Haunting of Hill House, so we just had to review it and invent some drinks to go along with this fantastic show.

Shot: Tea Party, and I’m not even going to spoil it; you’ll just have to watch Hill House to get the reference.

1/2oz each iced tea and amaretto

Cocktail: Shirley Crain, an adult take on the children’s classic drink, the Shirley Temple.

Fill a highball glass with ice. Add 1.5oz vodka and 1/2oz pomegranate liqueur. Fill with lemon-lime soda and stir.


Two decent drinks for an incredible show. For our full thoughts on both and much more scary fun, check out our Halloween special podcast, here: