“Muppets Most Wanted” Drinks

We send off the Muppets with a lackluster shot but a pretty decent spin on a classic cocktail.

Shot: Crown Jewels, what the bad guys are after in the movie.

1/2oz Canadian whiskey, 1/2oz creme de violette. Because Crown, and purple- get it? Never mind.

Cocktail: Constantine, what the bad guy’s named in the movie.

1oz each vodka, green creme de menthe, white creme de cacao, and cream. Shake over ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Carefully add a dash of chocolate bitters to the side, representing Constantine’s mole. And yes, it’s basically a Grasshopper with vodka.


That wraps up the Muppet franchise for us, and it’s been a fun one. Hear our thoughts on the drinks, movie, and much more on our Muppets Most Wanted episode!

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