“RoboCop (1987)” Drinks

We kick off new franchise RoboCop by falling into bad habits, namely using ingredients that correspond to the letters of the names of the drinks. Shrug emoji.

Shot: ED-209, bad guy Dick Jones’ answer to crime and war. Basically a AT-ST without a driver. Also growls like a lion and cries like a baby for some reason.

1/2oz each elderflower liqueur and Drambuie. E, D- get it?

Cocktail: OCP, the evil corporation of the movie, whose initials stand for… you know what, never mind.

1oz each gin, orange curaçao, and Campari; dash of Peychaud’s bitters. Stir over ice.


Why the tin can? That represents RoboCop, or maybe ED-209, or maybe the never-ending battle between the ruling class and the underprivileged, or maybe we just didn’t have any RoboCop memorabilia. Anyways, check out our thoughts on the drinks, movie, and much more on our RoboCop podcast!

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