“Punisher” & “Venom” Drinks

Two for the price of one! Shot: Venom, the titular anti-hero of the movie. 2/3oz dark rum; 1/3oz lime juice Cocktail: Red Russian, after the main baddie of Punisher season 2, who does in fact get pretty bloodied, hence “red”. Shake 1oz vodka and 2oz strawberry cream liqueur (you know the one) over ice. Strain into a rocks glass filled with ice. You might want … Continue reading “Punisher” & “Venom” Drinks

“Better Off Dead” Drinks

In retrospect, perhaps this wasn’t a great pick for a Valentine’s Day movie, but it was a lot of fun. Shot: Perfectly Good White Boy, something that’s a real shame to see in the back of a passing garbage truck. 1/2oz each white creme de menthe and cream Cocktail: Gin (I’m Really Sorry Your Mom Blew Up) Rickey, a mix of another great movie quote … Continue reading “Better Off Dead” Drinks

“Aquaman” Drinks

Jason Momoa. (Hoping that is enough to get millions to flock to the website like they did to the theaters.) Shot: Red-Headed Dolph, because it was just plain weird seeing Lundgren with that hair. 1/3oz each vodka, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice. Cocktail: Ocean Master, what A-man’s bro Orm is trying to become in the flick. 2oz silver tequila, 1/2oz each creme de violette and … Continue reading “Aquaman” Drinks