Badly Recapped: Wonder Twins #4

MARK RUSSELL – writer STEPHEN BYRNE – artist DAVE SHARPE – letterer   Synopsis in a Sentence: The Wonder Twins go on dates, with varying degrees of success.   The fishes out of water tale of the Wonder Twins continues (with a disturbing lack of Zan taking any form of water) as the Twins almost accidentally set up dates with two strangers at a school science … Continue reading Badly Recapped: Wonder Twins #4

Badly Recapped: The Green Lantern #7

GRANT MORRISON – writer LIAM SHARP – artist and colorist TOM ORZECHOWSKI – letters   Synopsis in a Sentence: Hal Jordan and his ring’s AI battle, then join forces, with the wizard in the ring to save all three.   Full disclosure: I tried reading this book once and threw it down in disgust after two pages. I think I just wasn’t in the mood … Continue reading Badly Recapped: The Green Lantern #7