Badly Recapped: Black Hammer/Justice League: Hammer of Justice! #1

Jesus, that’s a long title. JEFF LEMIRE – writer MICHAEL WALSH – artist & cover NATE PIEKOS of BLAMBOT – letterer   Synopsis in a Sentence: The Black Hammer gang switches places with the Justice League; hi jinx bound to ensue.   Our Dark Horse/DC crossover commences with a fairy tale-esque narrative introducing the Black Hammer characters and their current predicament, namely being stuck on a … Continue reading Badly Recapped: Black Hammer/Justice League: Hammer of Justice! #1

Badly Recapped: Wonder Twins #6

MARK RUSSELL – writer STEPHEN BYRNE – artist & cover artist DAVE SHARPE – letterer   Synopsis in a Sentence: The Scrambler’s plans are foiled by Zan so world leaders can keep being jerks, man.   We start out this issue 30 days out from the Great Scramble. The Scrambler has already proven he can pull his consciousness-switching scheme having scrambled a million people already, … Continue reading Badly Recapped: Wonder Twins #6

Badly Recapped: Invisible Woman #1

MARK WAID – writer MATTIA DE IULIS – artist VC’s JOE CARAMAGNA – letterer ADAM HUGHES – cover   Synopsis in a Sentence: Sue Storm slips back into the spy game.   We begin Invisible Woman’s mini with a flashback to a mission Sue was on for SHIELD ten years ago, helping to smuggle a scientist across the made-up-country/Hungarian border. Although I love Mattia De Iulis’ … Continue reading Badly Recapped: Invisible Woman #1