“Fire in the Sky” Drinks

The movie terrified a young Peacock– let’s see if we can recreate that horror in liquid form!

Fire in the Sky 2

Shot: Fire in the Sky, and yeah, we may need to hire a creative consultant for these names.

1oz vodka (preferably that brand with the two ‘y’s, but hey, any will work), float 151 rum. Ignite and say the line, “It looked like a fire…” If you’re like me, add “In the sky,” blow out, and drink. Immediately regret drinking it like Mike regretted leaving Travis in the woods.

Cocktail: Welcome Home Travis, after the impromptu and inconsiderate party Travis’s friends throw him upon his arrival after being missing for five days, which spurs the intense flashback of his alien abduction.

Fill a rocks glass with ice. Add 2oz bourbon and drizzle 1tsp maple syrup over top. Best made and consumed while cowering under a kitchen table.

Fire in the Sky Drinks
The shots are on fire, I swear

As is usually the case, the shot was horrible and the cocktail not too shabby. For our full thoughts on the drinks, the movie, and much more, check out our podcast on Fire in the Sky!

2 thoughts on ““Fire in the Sky” Drinks

  1. I’m “virtually” drunk reading this. Much appreciated in this lockdown when the entire Delhi(India) is about serpentine queues and liquor. Thanks


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