The Addams Family

Developer: Ocean Software

Release: 1992


Creepy? Maybe. Kooky? Sure. Mysterious? Possibly. Spooky? I can see that. But I draw the line at All Together Ooky!


The title screen to the one-player game reminds you that it’s a tie-in to the movie of the same name, and many lawyers were involved. Confession time: I’ve never seen either movie, and was never a fan of the old tv show. I’m more of a Munsters guy.

Now we’re talking!

The game kicks off with Gomez (whom you control throughout I assume) outside Chez Addams, and gave me an immediate Super Mario / Duck Tales vibe.

Et tu, Woodsy?

The gameplay itself is more reminiscent of say, a Goonies, with the object being to, er, find objects to aid Gomez in rescuing his family from sticky situations in the mansion. During one playthrough I did actually manage to save Grandmama. That’s her name right?

Let’s see how many dated references I can have….

The game bounces between ridiculously easy platforming and enemies to ridiculously difficult platforming and enemies with really no rhyme or reason. Oh, and you collect money throughout– not really sure why though.



Graphically The Addams Family is pretty generic but cute enough. The repetition of the classic theme song gets old fast. The controls aren’t great but aren’t a game breaker either.


The Addams Family is a largely generic platformer that relies heavily on your love of the property. If you love old-school difficulty and the quirky characters, give it a shot. As for me, I’ll be over here waiting for Herman, Lily, & company and a little less of a challenge.


Catch my gameplay for this & more on twitch; live M-W-F 3pm EST!

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