“Jaws” Drinks

You’re gonna need a bigger liquor cabinet… Okay, not really. We kinda phoned in the drinks this time. Which is a shame since the movie is so good.

Shot: Pretty Good Stuff, after the homemade hooch Quint offers Brody.

1oz vodka, dash Old Bay seasoning. For that seaside New England feel.

Cocktail: Crush it Like Quint, for the scene where the crusty captain chugs a beer and crushes the can while staring down Hooper like a badass.

1 can of beer, preferably Narragansett. Chug it in one go and crush the can. Even a fruity Narragansett that Quint wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot harpoon will do.


“Here’s to swimmin’ with bow-legged women!” Mission accomplished if you like challenging drinks; we almost drowned on the beer chug. Check out all our thoughts on the drinks, movie, and more on our Jaws podcast episode.

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