“A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)” Drinks

Whatever you do… don’t miss out on these drinks! Or fall asleep. Definitely don’t do that either.

Coffee was an easy choice. I’m not above that.

Shot: Fred Krueger, because “Freddy” is just a little too familiar at this point.

In a shot glass (attempt to) layer 1/2oz green creme de menthe and 1/2oz pomegranate liqueur. Float 151 rum and ignite.

Cocktail: Nancy’s Coffee Drink, preferably using the second coffee maker you keep under your bed.

Pour 1.5oz coconut rum into an Irish coffee glass. Fill with hot black coffee.

The shot is on fire, I swear.

The shot didn’t layer so well but still tasted disgusting, so I’m calling that a win. Why coconut rum in the coffee? Find out in our first patreon Fab Collab podcast with Weird Science as we talk all things A Nightmare on Elm Street!

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