“Major League” Drinks

Forget the peanuts and Cracker Jack– how about some rum and whiskey?!

I can’t believe we didn’t have Jack Daniels.

Shot: Jobu, one drink you won’t want to say “Fuck you” to! Or not.

1oz light rum, dash liquid smoke.

Cocktail: Harry Doyle-rmaker, after the beleaguered big league announcer played by the great Bob Uecker.

Pour 1oz whiskey (Jack Daniels if you have it) into a shot glass. Drop into a glass filled with a light beer (Miller Lite if you have it). Chug it down in one go, and wonder when the sponsorship checks are going to start rolling in.

That’s a lot of shots.

These ones were rough, but not as much as some aspects of the dated movie. For all our thoughts and more check out our podcast on Major League!

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