“The Star Wars Holiday Special” Drinks

You’ll need these to get through the show!

That’s no sun…

Shot: ILM, after the grunting fuzzballs Itchy, Lumpy and Malla OR George Lucas’s Industrial Light and Magic. Aren’t I clever?

1/2oz each light rum & iced coffee; dash Mexican chocolate bitters

Cocktail: Harvey Korman, a take on the classic Harvey Wallbanger with the three orange ingredients representing Korman’s three regrettable roles in the special.

In a shaker filled with ice combine 1.5oz vodka, 1/2oz each Galliano & orange liqueur, a few dashes of orange bitters, and 5oz orange juice. Shake and strain into a double Old Fashioned glass filled with ice.

“See what you can do about that booze at 10 o’clock, R2!”

The drinks were good; the show, not so much. Give a listen to all our thoughts on The Star Wars Holiday Special as well as a ranking of all the movies (and The Mandalorian), and be sure to check out everything Weird Science is up to too!

I’m going to kill my agent.

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