“Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home” Drinks

You know, the one with the whales!

Admiral! There be booze here!

Shot: Double Dumbass, Kirk’s clever retort at being called a dumbass.

Pour 2oz bourbon into a tall shot glass or tumbler. Drink in one go.

Cocktail: George and Gracie, the names of the two whales in the flick, named for vaudevillian duo George Burns and Gracie Allen.

Fill a rocks glass with ice. Add 1.5oz gin. Squeeze in half a lime and add the spent rind. Top with ginger ale.

“I find the consumption of alcohol highly illogical, Admiral.” “Stuff it, Spock”

What a fun movie! For all our thoughts on it, the drinks, and more, check out our podcast on Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

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