“Star Trek Beyond” Drinks

A blast from the past for a movie we’ll probably cover again in the future!

What were we thinking?

Shot(s): Three to Beam Down, with each liqueur representing the three uniform colors of the crew. Which they should totally go back to instead of the muted colors most other iterations give us.

1.5oz each Galliano, blue curaçao, and Campari in three separate large shot glasses

Yeah, I’ve got an Enterprise cutting board. What of it?!

That’s it– just three lonely shots of booze you probably shouldn’t shoot. Hey, it was our 10th (of almost 300 at this point) episode ever; cut us some slack! Anyways, to see how the shots went, what we thought of the movie, a top 5 dream jobs, and much more, check out our Star Trek Beyond episode!

“Well that’s just typical.”

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