“Star Trek V: The Final Frontier” Drinks

I don’t want my booze taken away. I need my booze.

Looking for that Polar sponsorship…

Shot: Shot Ka Rye, the Vulcan term for Eden, but bastardized by a couple a-holes from Pennsylvania.

1/2oz each rye whiskey and Kahlua

Cocktail: Syboka Tonic, another “clever” drink name based on Spock’s bro. Spoilers.

Fill an Old Fashioned glass with ice. Add 1.5oz vodka, 1/2oz each melon liqueur and lime juice, and fill with tonic. Stir and garnish with two lime wedge “ears”.

We were way too pleased with ourselves over these drinks.

Decent drinks for an underappreciated entry in the Star Trek film franchise. For all our thoughts on both and some movie trivia, check out our mini Star Trek V: The Final Frontier episode!

Yes, we based a drink on you. Ya welcome.

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