“Tango & Cash” Drinks

NSFW. Or anywhere else.

If only great-grandma knew what her classy sugar bowl would end up being used for….

Shot: Tango & Cash or T & C, our two wrongfully accused super cops. 

1/2oz tequila in each of two shot glasses. In one add 1/2oz blue curaçao, in the other 1/2oz Campari. Marvel at how they resemble a police car’s light bar, and hope you have someone to do one of the shots with you.

Cocktail: Brown Sugar in Your Ass, a thinly veiled threat to Cash upon his entrance to the definitely not minimum security prison.

In a rocks glass muddle 1/2tsp brown sugar, dash chocolate bitters, and splash warm water. In a mixing glass stir 2oz Pendleton Canadian Whiskey with ice and strain into the rocks glass. Float 151 rum and ignite. All of this makes sense with the scene from the movie, I swear.

Pro tip #1: The blue curaçao shot is actually better. Pro tip #2: Blow out the drink before consuming.

Probably our weirdest concoctions for a movie tie-in, or at least the strangest in a long while. Check out our thoughts on the drinks, flick, and over 3 hours of nonsense on our Tango & Cash episode!

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