“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” Drink

Tell me, do you drink? You will.

Tropical justice

Cocktail: Kryptonite, and if you don’t know how this fits into the whole Superman mythos, you came to the wrong site.

In a blender combine: 2oz light rum; 1/2oz each blue curaçao, melon liqueur, lemon juice, lime juice; 2oz pineapple juice; 1 cup ice. Blend until smooth and pour into an Old Fashioned glass. Optional: throw into Superman’s face instead of listening to what he needs you to hear.

Too cute to fight

This throwback recipe to our 4th show is actually the way it was intended to be made. At the time I didn’t have a lemon, so subbed the juice of said fruit for an extra 1/2oz lime juice and a dash of lemon bitters. Maybe someday I’ll try both to see which I prefer, but probably not. Anywho, listen to our thoughts on that drink, the movie, top 5 superhero castings, and much more on our Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice episode!

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