“CB4” Drinks

For when you’re out of TAP malt liquor.

Today’s secret ingrediet– blueberries!

Shot: Sweat of My Balls, one of the band’s hits and one of the classiest drink names we’ve used.

In a salt-rimmed shot glass add 1oz tequila and 2 blueberries. Try not to choke or think too much about the name when you drink it.

Cocktail: CB4, short for Cell Block Four, where the band claim to be from in order to get what the kids call “cred,” or so I’ve been told.

Add exactly four drops of bitters to a champagne glass or flute. Fill with champagne. Pour some out for your homies, or just be greedy and drink it all yourself.

Think we used enough salt?

Check out our thoughts on the drinks, the movie, and a whole lot more on our CB4 episode!

Charlie Murphy!

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