“X-O Manowar” Drink

Suit up and nut up for this one– chugging required.

Orange you glad it’s not a Blue Moon?

Cocktail: X-O, X-O Manowar— part comic book name, part expression of love, all drink!

  • Pour 1oz orange liqueur into a shot glass and add a few dashes of orange bitters. Fill a beer mug 2/3 with Dos Equis beer. Drop the shot in the mug and drink in one go. Silently curse the Romans and the creator of this drink.
*Not the actual comics discussed. Wah-wah.

This was a rough one, and so was the drink! I kid, I kid. The book was OK. Give a listen to our X-O Manowar coverage starting with issue 1 here or at Weird Science!

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