“Ready Player One” Drinks

Dorks rejoice!

The store didn’t have diet Tab šŸ˜¦
Has there ever been a better picture depicting the transition from youth to adulthood?

Shot: Ready Player 151— yes, we are that clever.

  • 1/2oz each coconut rum and diet cola. Add a splash of 151 rum.

Cocktail: Gunter, the lame name the “players” looking for the Easter Egg are called.

  • Fill a highball glass with ice. Add 3oz vodka and a dash of bitters. Fill with Mountain Dew and garnish with a cheese curl. Welcome to Nerd Nirvana.
Yeah, we own the book. Hot take: the movie is better.

A retro remake, and I still couldn’t find the elusive Tab cola. Maybe that’s my Easter Egg. Anyways, find out what we thought of the flick and the drinks on our Ready Player One episode!

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