“No Time to Die” Drinks

You’ll need these by the end of the movie.

We fancy
We also cheap

Shot: Madeleine’s Tea, after the poison drink the baddie forces on Bond’s baby mama. Spoilers.

  • 1/2oz each iced tea and elderflower liqueur. (Not poisonous.)

Cocktail: Forgive Me Vesper, the note Bond burns at his lost love’s tomb before it blows up in his face. Spoilers.

  • In an ice-filled shaker combine 3oz gin, 1oz vodka, and 1/2oz Lillet. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon-extract soaked lemon peel. Ignite and let extinguish, just like your expectations for the movie.
The dog captures our emotions upon leaving the theater

So how about that Ana de Armas! Yeah, this one was a dud for us, but hear all about it and the drinks in our 2-plus hour “mini” episode on No Time to Die!

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