“The Quest” Drinks

Time to get Van Hammered!

Find another site with these four bottles in one picture. I’ll wait.

Shot: Golden Dragon, the prize for winning the fighting tourney in the movie, or you could just steal it with zeppelin. Either way.

  • In a shot glass combine 3/4oz sake and 1/4oz Goldschlager. Pray the cinnamon schnapps buries the sake taste.

Cocktail: Chris Dubois, Van Damme’s character in the movie, who is out to make money to help his gang of street urchins. Just watch the flick.

  • Pour 1oz Dubonnet Rouge into a champagne glass. Fill with champagne. Remind yourself that JCVD isn’t French.

Sir Roger Moore hated the movie, but we thought it was ok. The drinks? Well, you’ll have to check out our episode on The Quest to find out, plus a whole lot more!

Basically Bloodsport

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