“Teen Titans: Beast Boy Loves Raven” Drinks

Cute comic couple alert!

Primary colors… What could that mean?

Shot: Beast Boy, Gar Logan’s alter ego, who is green and can shapeshift into animals!

  • In a shot glass, combine 3/4oz Galliano and 1/4oz blue curacao. Stir.

Shot: Raven, Rachel Roth’s alter ego, who has purple hair and can do magical shit!

  • In a shot glass, combine 1/2oz Campari and 3/4tsp blue curacao. Stir.
Photobomb by Cyborg

Maybe a first for us– 2 shots. Tried to get the character colors and have them share the bond of a similar liqueur. Beast Boy’s came out better, but Raven’s is a very dark purple. Trust me. Anywho, check out our thoughts on the shots, book, and more comic goodness on our Teen Titans: Beast Boy Loves Raven episode!

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