“Raiders of the Lost Ark” Drinks

It’s a retro Raiders remake!

These bottles look almost era appropriate
My liver: ”It’s not the years, it’s the mileage.”

Shot: Staff of Ra, the combined stick and headpiece used to suss out the location of the Well of Souls.

  • Rinse a shot glass with a splash of absinthe. Add 1oz rye and a dash of Peychaud’s bitters. Stir.

Cocktail: Bad Dates, the poison fruit that kills a Nazi monkey and almost Indiana Jones.

  • Fill a shaker with ice. Add 3oz vodka, 3/4oz each amaretto and brandy, and a few dashes of bitters. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a pitted date.
Not the most appealing garnish

These ones come to you from all the way back to episode 58, the beginning of our look at the Indiana Jones franchise. Check out our thoughts on the movie, drinks, and more on our Raiders of the Lost Ark ep!

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