“Saga” (Vol. 2) Drinks

2 drinks for 2 great side characters!

Initially I just had a cream carton but it was tres gauche (I’m fancy!)
Not pictured: salt and lime. My bad.

Shot: Lying Cat, The Will’s feline sidekick whose gift for spotting untruths is both a benefit and a detriment.

  • Rinse a shot glass with a dash of blue curacao. Add 1/4oz green creme de menthe and fill with cream. Stir.

Cocktail: Izabel, little Hazel’s first babysitter, who is the ghostly upper half of basically a skater grrl.

  • Fill a shaker with ice. Add 1oz each grapefruit vodka, silver tequila, and lime juice. Shake and strain into a salt-rimmed cocktail glass. Garnish with a lime wedge.
Yeah, yeah— that’s Volume 1, not Volume 2

Two drinks whose main inspiration honestly is the color of the characters. The shot could have been paler and bluer (but too much curacao will curdle the cream) and the drink brighter and pinker, but hey— at least they tasted good! Check out more on the drinks and Saga Volume 2 at Besotted Geek or Weird Science!

Actual Vol 2

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