“Frida” Drinks

Viva la tequila!

How’d the rum liqueur get in here?!

Shot: Frida Kahl-ua, and that’s how the rum liqueur got in here.

  • In a shot glass combine 1/2oz each silver tequila and Kahlua

Cocktail: Las Senoras Riveras, the drink shared by the past and present wives of Diego Rivera.

  • Pour 1.5oz tequila (the higher quality the better) into a rocks glass and sip with a side of orange wedges.
Maybe it should have been a banana?

Yeah, a couple of tequila drinks, but that honestly seemed like the booze of choice throughout the movie. And the good tequila pictured above may be my favorite straight alcohol of all time. Anyway, for thoughts on the drinks, flick, and much more, be sure to check out our episode on Frida!

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