BH&G Snacks and Refreshments

Superb? We’ll see…

Stork here, with a new endeavor! After perusing some of our cookbooks, I stumbled across this beauty, which I think we picked up at an antique store, estate sale, etc. or actually had it passed down to us. Either way, I was intrigued, and upon further encouragement from my lovely wife and cohost Peacock, decided to make the recipes and blog about it.

This post is just going to be my way of giving credit to the book, whose recipes I will be trying to faithfully reproduce. In fact, let’s just get the copyright out of the way right now:

Yep, 1963!

The plan is to get one of these recipes made and posted roughly every week (or 2), and again, I’m going to try my best to get the ingredients for these mostly whackadoo dishes. I hope you join me on my culinary journey back to the swinging 60s, and hopefully we find a few palatable goodies on the way!

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