Blue-cheese Dunk

“What the hell is a dunk?” you may be asking yourself. Why, it’s just old-timey slang for dip! This is the first recipe in the book, and I’ll be trying to go in order, so get ready for a barrage of dips, dunks, spreads, and the like! On to the recipe…

Easy peasy

Some notes…

  • For a quick softening of the cream cheese, microwave on high for 15 seconds
  • I used a handheld mixer which worked OK, but next time (if there is a next time) I’m going to try our food processor. A blender, as they suggest, seems ludicrous.
  • After careful googling by sous chef Peacock, ”salad dressing” appears to be 60s lingo for Miracle Whip or mayonnaise. I used the latter.
A mix of sorta healthy and not at all
The finished product— and I actually had some random parsley to throw on too!

The Verdict: Surprisingly good, if you like blue cheese of course. This dip is THICK (maybe due to my dinky mixer) so make sure your dippers are hearty; the only thing we didn’t try that was suggested was celery, but I’m sure it would hold up. Provide some toothpicks for the tomatoes and you should be good to go. We tried a bit at first then divvied up the rest and polished that off in one sitting (among 2), so be sure to increase your proportions accordingly. Overall, off to a strong start!


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