Three-cheese Dip

Not to be confused with a dunk. Totally different.

Cottage cheese? Gross.

Some notes…

  • I couldn’t find ”cream-style” cottage cheese, but since it’s getting blended anyhow, it’s not a big deal. Or maybe common cottage cheese is what cream-style was 60 years ago. It’s all a bit nebulous.
  • Shoot for the smaller bits in your crumbled blue cheese container. I ended up with a few big chunks that didn’t blend in my final product.
  • Once again, I skipped the blender, but this time used a food processor. Did they not have these handy devices in the 60s? I used the smaller plastic blade as opposed to the larger metal chopper, and this may be why I encountered the problem above.
A background— fancy!
Step 1…
Instant cream-style cottage cheese
Forgot to photograph Step 2; enjoy this waterskiing squirrel instead

The Verdict: Not bad, but not as good as the first dip. Kind of bland, with the cottage cheese flavor coming in too strongly for my taste. Overall an inoffensive dip that works well with veggies and crackers.


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