“Star Trek: Generations” Drinks

Two captains, two drinks.

151 is the fire in which we burn…shots
Spend the money on booze, not mixers

Shot: Nexus Ribbon, the thing Soran is willing to sacrifice millions for to get a ride on.

  • Add 1oz ruby red grapefruit vodka to a shot glass. Float 151 rum on top and ignite. Contemplate the perfect life awaiting you in the Nexus, blow out, and drink. Oh, and let the glass cool down a bit unless you want to spend the start of your perfect life with a burnt lip.

Cocktail: Lakul, the ship rescued in the beginning of the flick. Well, actually just some of the passengers get rescued. It’s a whole thing.

  • Fill an Old Fashioned glass with ice. Add 1oz limoncello, 2oz Aperol, and 3oz club soda. Stir and toast the souls who weren’t beamed out in time.
An accurate representation of the whole movie, more or less

The journey through the Star Trek film franchise continues! Check out our thoughts on the drinks, the movie, and much more on our Generations episode!

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