“The Boys” Drinks

*Must be 21 years of age to drink, and 51 years of age to read.

Could’ve been called Penis Colada
No, it’s not just a blue vodka tonic…

Shot: Dunbier Motel Surprise, and that’s all I have to say about that.

  • In a shot glass stir together 1/2oz each light rum and cream of coconut. Add a few dashes of Peychaud’s bitters.

Cocktail: Compound V, after the shot our “heroes” take that allow them to fight the supes.

  • Half-fill a mixer with ice. Add 1.5oz vodka and 1/2oz blue curaçao. Stir and strain into a small cocktail glass. Fill with tonic water.
Pre-badass Starlight

Reminder: these are for the comic and not the tv show, although the drink would still work I guess. Anyways, check out our podcasts on the first trade of The Boys at Weird Science and Besotted Geek for thoughts on the book, drinks, and more!

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