“Superman / Batman” Drinks

Let’s toast to comics’ best bromance.

These colors mean bad news for Supes…

Shot: Injection Lex, which sounds way sexier than it actually is.

  • Pour 1oz Galliano into a shot glass. Add a dash of blue curacao and stir. Continue until you have a nice, green hue. *Do not inject

Cocktail: Asteroid X, the big, green meteor headed on a collision course with Earth. Obviously all Superman’s fault.

  • Fill an ice-ball mold 3/4 with water and 1/4 with melon liqueur. Freeze. Place frozen ice ball in a rocks glass and fill with vodka.
Shoulda had Itty Bitty Supes on his back

Find out what happens to Public Enemies Superman and Batman (and the fate of the planet), how the drinks were, and much more on our Superman / Batman episodes at Weird Science and Besotted Geek!

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