“Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country” Drinks

Spoilers: it means the future.

How to ruin decent sparkling wine…

Shot: Rura Penthe Crème de Menthe, after the prison Kirk and McCoy get railroaded into. And yes, you must pronounce it “Men-thay”.

  • 1/2oz each peppermint schnapps and white crème de menthe

Cocktail: Romulan Ale VI, yet another (possibly the 6th?) version of Romulan ale.

  • Add 1/4oz blue curaçao to a white wine glass. Fill with prosecco.
The shot is more deadly

We didn’t love the color of the cocktail so feel free to experiment with more or less b.c. until you get what you like— it’s really all about the look with this one. Anyways, find out our full thoughts on the drinks, movie, and much more on our Undiscovered Country episode!

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