“Star Trek: First Contact” Drinks

Perhaps today IS a good day to drink! (Swear I’ve used that one before….)

That’s it?

Shot: First, Cognac, after the title of the movie (duh). Kinda phoned this one in to be honest…

  • 1oz Cognac. (Told ya.)

Cocktail: Zefrum Cocran, a deliberate misspelling of the inventor of the warp drive (on Earth anyways) as a hint to the ingredients.

  • Fill an Old Fashioned glass with ice. Add 1.5oz aged rum, 3oz cranberry juice, and the juice from half a lime. Stir.
Good Worf/Picard moments in this one

Normally we’d shake and strain the cocktail, but we were pretty lazy this time (I mean, look at the shot). Feel free to throw that squeezed half a lime in the drink too if you want; I can’t remember if we did or didn’t and I’m too lazy NOW to find out. Or just listen to our Star Trek: First Contact episode and find out for yourself!

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