“A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge” Drinks

Best enjoyed at your neighborhood BDSM bar.

Shot: Bye-Bye, Birdie, after the Walsh family’s rabid, spontaneously-combusting parakeet. Or maybe Jesse blew it up with a goddamn cherry bomb.

  • In a shot glass layer 1/2oz melon liqueur and 1/2oz limoncello. Float 151 rum and ignite.

Cocktail: Dirtball, the pet name Coach Schneider uses for his “favorite” students.

  • Place an ice ball in a rocks glass. Add 1.5oz each dark crème de cacao and Irish cream. Stir.
Don’t forget to blow out that shot or you’ll end up looking like Mr Krueger

Find out how we liked the drinks and what we thought of the movie, plus much more, on our ANOES 2 podcast, guesting Brian & Karina from 2DudeReview!

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